Fever Ray - Radical Romantics (Red Vinyl)

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Fever Ray - Radical Romantics

  • Red Vinyl LP
  • Limited Edition

RELEASE DATE: 3/10/2023 postponed to 4/28/2023


Mute is excited to announce the release of Fever Ray's 2023 album, Radical Romantics. Both vinyl formats are numbered and include an A2 folded poster and printed inner sleeve.

Radical Romantics presents Fever Ray's struggle with love, relationships, identity and self-preservation. Featuring collaborations with Olof Dreijer (The Knife), Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Vessel, Aasthma and more, this album feels like the apex of their career, incorporating elements of The Knife and early Fever Ray, while looking steadfastly into the future. Includes the single "What They Call Us," which Pitchfork awarded with Best New Track.


What They Call Us
New Utensils
Even It Out
Looking for a Ghost
Carbon Dioxide
Tapping Fingers
Bottom of the Ocean

LABEL: Mute U.S.
UPC: 724596111031