Fifth Angel - When Angels Kill (CD) UPC: 4065629698720

Fifth Angel - When Angels Kill (CD)

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Fifth Angel - When Angels Kill 

  • CD

RELEASE DATE: 6/16/2023


Originally one of the first metal bands to emerge from Seattle in the 80's, Fifth Angel rose to ranks alongside Queensrÿche and Metal Church and deliver a full-blown concept record on "When Angels Kill". A must for EVERY fan of classic, melodic yet powerful HEAVY metal. 


1 Descent Into Darkness
2 When Angels Kill
3 Resist the Tyrant
4 On Wings of Steel
5 We Are Immortal
6 Empire of Hate
7 Run to the Black
8 Seven Angels
9 Blinded and Bleeding
10 Kill the Pain
11 Five Days to Madness
12 Ashes to Ashes
13 The End of Everything
14 Light the Skies

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UPC: 4065629698720