Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machines (2LP Vinyl)

  • $38.98

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machines

  • 2xLP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 12/8/2023


Fiona Apple's 2005 album, Extraordinary Machine, is a unique blend of alternative and pop sounds showcased from the upbeat “Not About Love” to the gentle “Parting Gift”.


1. Extraordinary Machine
2. Get Him Back
3. O' Sailor
4. Better Version of Me
5. Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song)
6. Parting Gift
7. Window
8. Oh Well
9. Please Please Please
10. Red Red Red
11. Not About Love
12. Waltz (Better Than Fine)

LABEL: Sony Legacy
UPC: 196588302718

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