Frizzy P & Mr. Cole - Dramadome (2xLP)

Frizzy P & Mr. Cole - Dramadome (2xLP)

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Frizzy P & Mr. Cole - Dramadome

  • Vinyl LP Pressing 
  • Black Vinyl 
  • Double Gatefold Packaging 

Release Date: 03/03/2023


Vinyl Gatefold. The reference of this double EP is well known to hip hop fans: it's 1985 - Dougy Fresh and Slick Rick released the track "La Di da Di", which became a classic of the genre and one of the most sampled tracks in it's history. The track, which sounds like a catchphrase, is a perfect description of the singer's rhythmic and melodic flow, which effortlessly flows over Mr Cole's warm, organic beats. The symbiosis is almost perfect. Tinged with heady refrains, the EP can be listened to without moderation. The mix is based on the remix of the track "It's a boy" by the Large Professor released in 1994. Slick Rick's nonchalant and calm tone inspires the duo to mix the vocals lightly - a desire to harmonise all the elements of the EP for a fluid and almost uninterrupted listening experience from start to finish. The duo seduces with it's rhythmic and melodic poetry, soft to the ear, which can be listened to over and over.


1. Intro
2. Tilla
3. Razzle
4. Mama Jay
5. in Motion
6. Blue
7. the Cure
8. Some Way
9. Islands
10. Maybes
11. Irish Coffee
12. You See

LABEL: Dramadome
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