G Flip - Drummer (Clear LP Vinyl) 196922461811

G Flip - Drummer (Clear LP Vinyl)

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G Flip - Drummer
  • Clear Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 8/11/2023 postponed to 09/01/2023

G Flip - "DRUMMER" / G Flip is a drummer, singer, songwriter and producer that is cutting through the masses with their rebellious and refreshing sound and identity. Born in Melbourne, the pop/rock non-binary icon returns with their second LP, DRUMMER. G co-wrote and co-produced every track, creating an album straight from their heart. Hailed by singles "Be Your Man" and "The Worst Person Alive," DRUMMER reveals G Flip's heightened songwriting, musical genius and rare balance of precision and abandon. Clear LP.

- SIDE 1 -
1 7 Days
2 The Worst Person Alive
3 Rough
4 Good Enough
5 Be Your Man
6 Australia
- SIDE 2 -
1 Baked
2 Real Life
3 Love Hurts
4 Kevin
5 Didn't Mean to
6 Made for You

LABEL: Future Classics
UPC: 196922461811