Gary Wilson - Marshmallow Man (Pink LP Vinyl)

  • $26.98

Gary Wilson - Marshmallow Man

  • Pink LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 8/18/2023


Everybody's favorite weirdo outsider artist and musical demento, Gary Wilson!

Features the same infectious grooves, freaky lyrics and creepy melodies that fans of this legendary artist have come to expect! Watch for the psychedelic video for the first single "The Lonely Bird" coming soon! Wilson continues to perform live for large audiences of hipster indi rock lovers including a planned tour with Spaceface and Well Well Well in August!

1 Hello Marshmallow Man
2 Silver Trees and Beautiful Dreams
3 Midnight Dreams
4 The Marshmallow Man
5 Red and Green and Yellow Stars
6 The Lonely Bird
7 In That Magical Place
8 October Nights
9 I Married a Girl from Outer Space
10 I Heard a Ghost Cry
11 We'll Take a Walk Into My Dreams
12 Goodbye Marshmallow Man

LABEL: Cleopatra
UPC: 889466379512

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