Ginger Baker - Horses And Trees (CD) UPC: 5060767443576

Ginger Baker - Horses And Trees (CD)

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Ginger Baker - Horses And Trees 

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RELEASE DATE: 5/5/2023


A fascinating instrumental exploration into Jazz Fusion, African rhythms and world music by virtuoso drummer Ginger Baker, in company with Bill Laswell, Shankar, Naná Vasconcelos, Bernie Worrell and others. Horses And Trees is the second solo album by "rock's first superstar drummer" Ginger Baker of Cream fame. Made in New York in 1985 and released on Celluloid Records in 1986, this 6-track instrumental masterpiece was recorded in collaboration with producer Bill Laswell.

- Disc 1 -
1 Interlock
2 Dust to Dust
3 Satou
4 Uncut
5 Mountain Time
6 Makuta

LABEL: Charly
UPC: 5060767443576

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