GWAR - Battle Maximus (10th Anniversary, Crystal Blue With Dark Blue Swirl LP Vinyl)

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GWAR - Battle Maximus
  • Crystal Blue With Dark Blue Swirl LP Vinyl
  • 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Embossed Cover
  • New Art And Never Before Seen Photos
RELEASE DATE: 9/1/2023

Remixed, Remastered and featuring the final unreleased song from the late Oderus Urungus The final album of GWAR founder and lead singer Oderus Urungus has been remixed and remastered for this release. It also includes the song "Tammy, The Swine Queen" which is his final recording and has never before been released. The LP includes a limited edition embossed cover with new art throughout including behind the scenes photos from this time period and a Listeners Guide that details the story of the album.

1 Intro
2 Madness at the Core of Time
3 Bloodbath
4 Nothing Left Alive
5 They Swallowed the Sun
6 Torture
7 Raped at Birth
8 I, Bonesnapper
9 Mr. Perfect
10 Tammy, the Swine Queen (Previously Unreleased Bonus Track)
11 Battle Maximus
12 Triumph of the Pig Children
13 Falling
14 Fly Now
15 Carry on Wayward Son
16 Wheel of Punishment

LABEL: Pit Records
UPC: 853288003139