Hella - Hold Your Horse Is (Deluxe Edition, Gold LP Vinyl) 759656108010

Hella - Hold Your Horse Is (Deluxe Edition, Gold LP Vinyl)

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Hella - Hold Your Horse Is
  • Gold Vinyl LP
  • Deluxe Edition 


Limited gold colored vinyl LP pressing. On their debut "Hold Your Horse Is" Hella's style started to transform, organically. Zach was pushing the envelope rhythmically, and Spencer began to simultaneously play both rhythm and melody on the same instrument. 2023 marks the 21st anniversary of HYHI, which is being repressed as a commemorative re-release by KRS, including both the remastered original album and the 3 song demo which landed them their deal with KRS in 2001.


- Side 1 -
A1 The D.Elkan
A2 Biblical Violence
A3 Been A Long Time Cousin
A4 Republic Of Rough And Ready
A5 1-800-Ghost-Dance
- Side 2 -
B1 Brown Metal
B2 Cafeteria Bananas
B3 City Folk Sitting, Sitting
B4 Better Get A Broom!

UPC: 759656108010