Ice Spice - Like..? (Deluxe Edition, Baby Pink LP Vinyl)

  • $29.98

Ice Spice - Like..? [Explicit Content]

  • Deluxe Edition
  • Baby Pink LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 
  • Includes 5 bonus tracks

RELEASE DATE: 10/27/2023


Named after one of her signature catchphrases, Like..? is the best showcase yet for 23-year-old rapper Ice Spice's defiant charm. Packed with Instagram caption-worthy lyrics and inventive instrumentals from Ice and her frequent collaborator and executive producer RIOTUSA, the Bronx Baddie's new project features the hits "Munch (Feelin U)," "Bikini Bottom," and "In Ha Mood." Deluxe Edition LP is pressed on BABY PINK vinyl and contains 5 bonus tracks, including the single "Deli," and a new version of "Princess Diana" featuring Nicki Minaj.

1 How High?
2 Butterfly Ku
3 Deli
4 In Ha Mood
5 Princess Diana - Feat. Nicki Minaj
6 Princess Diana
7 Gangsta Boo - Feat. Lil Tjay
8 Actin a Smoochie
9 Bikini Bottom
10 Munch
11 On the Radar