INXS - The Swing (Rocktober 2022, Bluejay Opaque Vinyl)

INXS - The Swing (Rocktober 2022, Bluejay Opaque Vinyl)

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INXS - The Swing 

  • Rocktober 2022 Pressing
  • Bluejay Opaque LP
  • 140g Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10/28/2022


Original album reissued on 140g Bluejay Opaque vinyl.

1984 album from the Australian superstars. From their early days playing small pubs in Australia to their huge international success throughout the '80s, INXS straddled the line between 'the peoples' band' and 'jet-setting rock stars' and succeeded on both levels. With great songs and the Sex-God swagger of vocalist Michael Hutchence, INXS have rightly earned their 'legendary' status in the Rock history books. The Swing features the hits 'Original Sin', 'I Send a Message', and 'Burn for You'. Universal.


1 Original Sin
2 Melting in the Sun
3 I Send a Message
4 Dancing on the Jetty
5 The Swing
6 Johnson's Aeroplane
7 Love Is
8 Face the Change
9 Burn for You
10 All the Voices

LABEL: Atlantic
UPC: 603497840359