Jackson Wang - MAGIC MAN CD

Jackson Wang - MAGIC MAN CD

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Jackson Wang - MAGIC MAN

  • CD

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2022


2022 release. Magic Man follows Jackson's journey as he finds himself in an alternate reality, operating under the laws of mystery, temptation, and confusion. "Magic Man" - the alter ego of Jackson - is transported to various realities, each bound by it's own set of rules. This is Jackson at his most vulnerable - exploring what it means to be human and stripped away of any armor. Jackson truly experimented with this record, inspired by 70s rock. It's edgy and dark, it's not perfect, it's real. This album is an energetic and gritty exploration of toxic love and self-discovery. Jackson is going back and forth trying to attain the approval of his love/music and in turn we see him struggle with himself trying to break free from the cycle and walk away.

1 Blow
2 Cruel
3 Champagne Cool
4 Go Ghost
5 Drive It Like You Stole It
6 Come Alive
7 Just Like Magic
8 All the Way
9 Dopamine
10 Blue

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