Jewel - Freewheelin' Woman

Jewel - Freewheelin' Woman

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Jewel - Freewheelin' Woman

  • Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 10/21/2022

On her new album Freewheelin' Woman, Jewel presents her boldest and most unbridled body of work to date, revealing entirely new dimensions of her breathtaking voice. In giving life to such a powerful selection of songs, the four-time Grammy Award-nominated artist immersed herself in a process she refers to as a spiritual rewilding-a reawakening of the raw creative energy that first set her on her path as an ever-evolving singer/songwriter.


Long Way Round (Woohoo)
Dancing Slow feat. Train
Half Life
Dance Sing Laugh Love
Living With Your Memory
No More Tears feat. Darius Rucker
When You Loved Me
Love Wins
Nothing But Love

LABEL: Jewel Murray Words
UPC: 196626424341

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