Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe Vol. 2 (Blue LP Vinyl) UPC: 711574939916

Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe Vol. 2 (Blue LP Vinyl)

  • $25.98

Joe Bonamassa -  Blues Deluxe Vol. 2

  • Blue LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10/6/2023


Twenty years since the release of his best-selling album Blues Deluxe, which celebrated "the year of the blues" with unforgettable reinterpretations of classic tracks, Joe Bonamassa is taking stock of how far he and the genre have come with Blues Deluxe Vol. 2. Featuring 2 new originals and 8 new covers of some of the most influential names in the blues - Bonamassa returns to his roots and gives new life to the classic tracks that have informed his own artistry. 

1 Twenty-Four Hour Blues
2 It's Hard But It's Fair
3 Well, I Done Got Over It
4 I Want to Shout About It
5 Win-O
6 Hope You Realize It (Goodbye Again)
7 Lazy Poker Blues
8 You Sure Drive a Hard Bargain
9 The Truth Hurts (Feat. Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith)
10 Is It Safe to Go Home

LABEL: J&R Adventures
UPC: 711574939916

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