John Keek - Do You Love John Keek?

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John Keek - Do You Love John Keek?
  • Vinyl LP
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RELEASE DATE: 2/10/2023

Saxophonist, singer, and songwriter John Keek presents his first solo offering since If + When in 2017 with a suite of modern pop songs detailing the throes of romance and love, guided by angst and desire. ‘Foreverlong’ zooms in like a hyperpop serenade with its sugary synths bubbling pop, before Do You Love John Keek? settles into a woozier and more soulful vibe, highlighting Keek’s syrupy vocals. Save for a heartfelt string arrangement, guitars lead the tracks here, either playing funky and smooth metropolitan licks or drenched in an 80s synthpop limelight.

A1) Foreverlong
A2) Crash
A3) Play The Most
A4) Only You
B1) Not Nice
B2) Laura
B3) Wedding Song
B4) Improvisation

LABEL: PLZ Make It Ruins
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