Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle (RSD Essential, Colored Vinyl)

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Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle

  • RSD Essential
  • Smoke colored Vinyl


De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest may have been more commercially successful, but the afrocentric, jazz political rap movement and unfadeable Native Tounge Massive started with the Jungle Brothers. Their debut full length Straight Out the Jungle opened up many doors that are walked through by artists like Mos Def, Common and even Kanye West. Their taste for jazzy horn samples helped kick-start the entire jazz-rap movement, and their James Brown fixation was one of the first. Plus, the groups groundbreaking collaboration with legendary house producer Todd Terry, Ill House You, paved the way for numerous hip-house hybrids that shot up the dance and pop charts over the next few years and appeared to be a staple on every East Coast Rap Album from 88 until 92.


A1. Straight Out The Jungle
A2. What's Going On
A3. Black Is Black
A4. Jimbrowski
A5. I'm Gonna Do You
A6. I'll House You

B1. On The Run
B2. Behind The Bush
B3. Because I Got It Like That
B4. Braggin And Boastin
B5. Sounds Of The Safari
B6. The Promo
B7. Ultimatum Ultramix

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