Key Glock - Glockoma 2 (Red Ghostly with Red Splatter LP Vinyl)

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Key Glock - Glockoma 2 [Explicit Content]

  • Red Ghostly with Red Splatter LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 7/21/2023


KEY GLOCK is a protégé of Young Dolph & who rose to fame in 2017 with his mixtape "Glock Season." The artist signed to Young Dolph's label in 2017 and their collaborative album, "Dum and Dummer," reached #8 on the Billboard 200. As a lead artist, Key Glock has since had one certified platinum single ("Russian Cream") and 4 certified gold singles ("Since6ix," "Gang Shit No Lame Shit," "Mr. Glock," & "Ambition for Cash"). His debut studio album, "Yellow Tape," peaked at #14 on the Billboard 200, while the follow-up, "Yellow Tape 2," rose to #7 on the same chart. A 5-track EP, "PRE5L," was released in November 2022 & included the hit track, "Jigsaw." He is the cousin by marriage of Young Dolph, who sadly passed in November 2021. In a since-deleted IG post, Key Glock called Young Dolph "my lefthand man, my brother, my cousin, and my mentor."


1 Dirt
2 Work
3 Randy Orton
4 Chromosomes
5 2 for 1
6 Pop My Shit
7 Designer Down
8 From Nothing
9 Key Rex
10 In & Outta Town
11 F*** Dat Shit
12 Money Over Hoes
13 Ratchet
14 Homicide GVNG
15 F*** a Feature

LABEL: Paper Route Empire
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