Koko Taylor - I Got What It Takes (RSD 2023, Red LP Vinyl)

  • $24.98

Koko Taylor - I Got What It Takes

  • Record Store Day 2023 Release
  • Red Translucent Vinyl LP
  • Quantity: 1500

RELEASE DATE: 04/22/2023


The queen's first album for Alligator, and still one of her very best to date / RSD Red Translucent exclusive vinyl.

1 Trying to Make a Living
2 I Got What It Takes
3 Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
4 \Voodoo Woman \Be What You Want to Be
5 Honkey Tonkey
6 Big Boss Man
7 Blues Never Die
8 Find a Fool Bump Her Head
9 Happy Home

LABEL: Alligator Records
UPC: 014551270614