Linda Ronstadt - Canciones De Mi Padre (LP Vinyl) UPC: 196852051366

Linda Ronstadt - Canciones De Mi Padre (LP Vinyl)

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Linda Ronstadt - Canciones De Mi Padre

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 9/8/2023

There are times when an artist transcends the form. When the spirit of music goes beyond embodying sound. 1987 saw the release of Linda Ronstadt's groundbreaking love letter to her family soul and lifeblood - Canciones de mi Padre.

Selling over 10 million copies and celebrated by music lovers across the globe, and here at home by both Grammy's and the Library of Congress, Linda Ronstadt brought the most beautiful and timeless Spanish melodies back into homes in a loving reunion as well as coloring new rooms where these songs, bright as the day, suddenly rang out. New connections celebrating beauty, language, and roots. Even today - especially today - the sound of Canciones de mi Padre links the then to the now and onward.

1 Por Un Amor
2 Los Laureles
3 Hay Unos Ojos
4 La Cigarra
5 TÚ Solo TÚ
6 Y Ándale
7 Rogaciano El Huapanguero
8 La Charreada
9 Dos Arbolitos
10 Corrido de Cananea
11 La Barca de Guaymas
12 La Calandria
13 El Sol Que TÚ Eres

LABEL: Iconic Artists Group
UPC: 196852051366

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