Logan Halstead - Dark Black Coal (LP Vinyl)

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Logan Halstead - Dark Black Coal

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 05/05/2023


Logan Halstead will release his anticipated debut album, Dark Black Coal, May 5 via Thirty Tigers.

Age is a number, and Logan Halstead constantly reminds us of that. At just 15 years old, he wrote his first song, "Dark Black Coal", a powerful and haunting song about life for many of the people where he is from who had to work in the coal mines of southern West Virginia. Logan Halstead, 18 years old, is a country/folk/americana singer-songwriter who grew up in Comfort, WV. Logan pulls most of his music from the struggle and hardship of his life and those around him. Small-town living isn't intensely stimulating socially or economically, but spiritually there is always a yearning for more.

Being from WV and KY, it's no surprise that Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson influence him, but he has also found a lot of inspiration from Nicholas Jamerson and Cole Chaney. "All these folks mentioned have laid a path and shown that it's okay to be from these parts; we're not so looked down on anymore..." says Logan. It's given him the ability to be proud of who he is and has led him to be a driving force in the scene of young artists from the Appalachian region.

Logan doesn't like to put himself in a box sonically or stylistically. Still, many would adorn it as Appalachian/Americana music. Above all, it is raw and honest, and the writing wrapped in wisdom one might only think someone two decades older than could conjure. While the masses clamored for more content, Halstead took his time and found the right partners for his debut album. He decided to cut his project at the famous Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN. He was accompanied by the one and only Lawrence Rothman (Amanda Shires, Margo Price, Angel Olson, and many more). When asked about the recording process, Logan said, "It was a great experience; Lawrence is top-notch. They made me feel comfortable just to go in and do what I do, and to get to record in a place like that is a dream come true, especially for a holler kid". Lawrence, who saw success at a very young age, was a perfect fit because they understood Logan's position and angst and allowed Logan to express himself freely.

In 2020 Logan released "Dark Black Coal" on Youtube, which has since amassed almost 6 million views. The success of that single has allowed Logan to build a great fan base through YouTube, touring, and opening for folks like Zach Bryan, Charles Wesley Godwin, Town Mountain, and many more. With the record's release over a year after he created the album, Our Vinyl came into his life at the perfect time. Halstead released a taste of his upcoming project, and with that four-song EP, Logan gained over 120,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

With the success of "Dark Black Coal" it's no surprise that it became the title for his first album. He signed with Thirty Tigers and is excited to partner with them on his release. The release date is slated for May 5th, and he will be touring those songs throughout May. Expect to see his name on festival billings, support tours, and in a town near you. "I want my music to keep evolving and improve my craft. I want to be the best I can be and give my fans shows to remember" says Halstead. Like all musicians, they hope to achieve a successful career but don't expect Logan Halstead to change who he is or what he believes in to reach it. Authentically himself, he strives to always be honest and authentic to his fans.


1. Good Ol’ Boys with Bad Name
2. The Flood
3. Man’s Gotta Eat
4. Dark Black Coal
5. Mountain Queen
6. Kentucky Sky
7. Coal River
8. Far from Here
9. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
10. Uneven Ground
11. Bluefoot

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