Makaya MccCraven - In These Times (Standard Black)

Makaya MccCraven - In These Times (Standard Black)

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Makaya MccCraven - In These Times

  • Limited Edition
  • Ivory Vinyl LP

Release Date: 09/23/2022


In These Times is the new album by Chicago-based percussionist, producer and composer Makaya McCraven. Although it’s “new,” the truth is it’s an album that has been in process since shortly after he released his 2015 International Anthem debut In The Moment. Ardent followers may note he’s had 6 other releases in the meantime (including 2018’s widely-popular Universal Beings and 2020’s We’re New Again, his rework of Gil Scott-Heron’s final album for XL Recordings); but none of which have been as definitive an expression of his artistic ethos as In These Times. This is the album McCraven’s been trying to make since he started making records – and his patience, ambition and persistence have yielded an appropriately career-defining body of work.


1. In These Times
2. The Fours
3. High Fives
4. Dream Another
5. Lullaby
6. This Place That Place
7. The Calling
8. Seventh String
9. So Ubuji
10. The Knew Untitled
11. The Title