Matchbook Romance- Stories & Alibis (20th Anniversary Edition Opaque Red & Black Marble 2LP Vinyl)

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Matchbook Romance- Stories & Alibis
  • 2LP Opaque Red & Black Marble
  • 20th Anniversary Edition
RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2023

With Stories And Alibis. Matchbook Romance has crafted a record that is so evolved, so catchy and so refined that it is almost impossible to believe that it is their debut full-length album. Produced by Joe Baresi, Stories And Alibis is a multi-layered sonic experience that is downright intoxicating! From start to finish, the album fills your senses with powerful melodic bursts of energy and an overall sincerity that is impossible to feign. This is truly a powerful album created by one of the most talented young bands around; Stories And Alibis is sure to evoke a response from every sector of your emotional spectrum. Reissued on limited edition Red & Black Marble vinyl to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary!


- DISC 1 -
1. Introduction
2. Your Stories, My Alibis
3. Playing for Keeps
4. Promise
5. Lovers & Liars
6. Tiger Lily
7. Shadows Like Statues

- DISC 2 -
1. My Eyes Burn
2. She’ll Never Understand
3. If All Else Fails
4. Stay Tonight
5. The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)

LABEL: Epitaph
UPC: 045778666003