Meat Puppets - Camp Songs: Remastered (LP Vinyl) UPC: 020286242642

Meat Puppets - Camp Songs: Remastered (LP Vinyl)

  • $21.98

Meat Puppets - Camp Songs: Remastered

  • LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 10/06/2023


The classic Meat Puppets SST catalog spanning 1981 through 1993 has been remastered from the original tapes and will be reissued by Megaforce Records on 180-gram vinyl and CD, with bonus music from the previous 1999 Rykodisc pressings. The series will roll out October 6 with the Meat Puppets’ debut 7” EP (1981)—also known as In a Car—and Up on the Sun (1985). 

The band is simultaneously releasing Camp Songs, a new live album from the Too High to Die era, 1991-95. “Back in those days, the Puppets were at peak powers,” says drummer Derrick Bostrom. “We played constantly in support of a hit album, so we got way out there.” The band is also sharing a live version of “The Wayward Wind,” the country classic written by Stanley Lebowsky and Herb Newman, recorded April 5,1994 at the Music Centre in Utrecht, Holland.


1. Walking Boss
2. Amazing Grace
3. I Saw The Light
4. El Paso City
5. White Sport Coat
6. Blinded By Turds
7. The Wayward Wind
8. Big Iron
9. Tennessee Stud
10. Crawdad Song
11. Ojo / Pee Pee The Sailor

UPC: 020286242642

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