Melvins - The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard (2LP Canary Yellow Vinyl)

  • $35.98

Melvins - The Bulls & The Bees + Electroretard

  • 2LP Canary Yellow Vinyl
  • First Time On Vinyl
  • Includes 7x7 booklet

RELEASE DATE: 5/19/2023


Reissue of the 2015 release that combined two of the band's EPs, The Bulls & The Bees (2012) and Electroretard (2001). Together on vinyl for the first time in a 2LP set with all new liner notes in a 7"x7" booklet.


LP 1
The War on Wisdom
We Are Doomed
Friends Before Larry
A Really Long Wait
National Hamster

LP 2
Shit Storm
Youth of America
Gluey Porch Treatments
Lovely Butterflies
Tipping the Lion
Interstellar Overdrive

LABEL: Ipecac Recordings
UPC: 689230025511

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