Mermaid Chunky - Vest (Green Vinyl)

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Mermaid Chunky - Vest 

  • Green Vinyl LP


Mermaid Chunky are an audiovisual duo made up of artists Freya Tate and Moina Moin. Bathing in milkmaid serenity and improvised chaos, the duo boasts of pumping trance rhythms, sad Easter time chicks and seriously arousing sax solos. Much of their cultivation has come out of the mossy club culture of Stroud's SVA and London's Total Refreshment Centre, collaborating with the likes of Alabaster DePlume, Danalogue, Donna Thompson, Grove, Snapped Ankles, and Yama Warashi. Their debut Faith and Industry album Vest (produced by Capitol K at Total Refreshment Centre), was birthed last year out of a history of improvised cheek and club dexterity fore fronting their live shows and audiovisual solstice celebrations, recently captured by British Vogue's 2021 PRIDE series. Championing this action is the Mermaid Chunky Mothership, a gang of fellow artists and performers, often clad in nauseous satin frills, swamping the stage with French mime and slut drops (Roundhouse 2021, End Of the Road 2021, SVA Solstice always). The MC gang just scoured their PRS Woman Make Music funding so who knows what they will be stirring up in the heat of summer soup 2022 (the most ducks in a year you will ever experience). The only way for you to find out is to join the chunklett buffet and dip your wicked, webbed fingers into something mega.


1 A W W (5:04)
2 Friends (8:25)
3 Gemini Girls (2:20)
4 These Girls (6:29)
5 Newbury Bypass (1:44)
6 King Of The Herbs (7:21)

LABEL: Faith Recordings
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