Mom Jeans - Puppy Love (Green LP Vinyl)

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Mom Jeans - Puppy Love

  • Green LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE : 3/22/2024

Mom Jeans. is back with another accessible and relatable record bringing attention to the emo-pop revival. Puppy Love is the aggressive big brother to Best Buds, and is a standing ground for the new Mom Jeans Sound.

1 Near Death Fail Comp (Must Watch Til End)
2 Sponsor Me Tape
3 Glamorous
4 I Left My Towel at My Friends House and Then They Moved, Pt. 1
5 Pt. 2
6 Season 9 Ep 2-3
7 You Cant Eat Cats Kevin
8 Jon Bong Jovi
9 Pickle Bart
10 Now This is Podracing

LABEL: Counter Intuitive
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