Montrose - Now Playing (LP Vinyl) 603497831210

Montrose - Now Playing (LP Vinyl)

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Montrose - Now Playing
  • Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 8/25/2023

Montrose in Their '70s Prime on Vinyl LP!
Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series!

When they debuted in 1973, Montrose got tagged as "America's answer to Led Zeppelin." But if Zep was rock's golden medieval chalice, Montrose was its frosty can of brew. Led by session guitar whiz Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Sammy Hagar, the California-based quartet traded in wrecking-ball riffs, driving beats, and good-time lyrics. These ten original recordings are a portrait of Montrose in their '70s prime.

 - Side One -
  1. Rock The Nation
  2. Bad Motor Scooter
  3. Space Station #5
  4. Rock Candy
  5. I Got The Fire
- Side Two -
  1. Paper Money
  2. All I Need
  3. Twenty Flight Rock
  4. Let's Go

LABEL: Rhino
UPC: 603497831210