Motörhead - Hammered (20th Anniversary Gold and Black Splatter)

Motörhead - Hammered (20th Anniversary Gold and Black Splatter)

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Motörhead - Hammered

  • Vinyl Pressing
  • Gold and Black Splatter Colored LP Disc
  • 20th Anniversary 
  • Limited to 3,500 Copies

Release Date: 09/30/2022


On 9th April 2002 Motorhead released their 16th studio album, Hammered. This was the third album recorded by the trio of Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee. Lyrically the album took on darker subject matter and had a reflective tone, the band quoting that it was influenced by the 9/11 terror attacks.

Since 1975 Motorhead - spearheaded by the grungy, iconic British metalhead Lemmy Kilmister - has been churning out speedy, macho, aggro anthems, including Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, and Eat the Rich. The phrases "trendy" or "critical favourites" have never been attached to the Grammy-nominated band, and Hammered isn't the record to change Motorhead's anti establishment standing. The 11-song outing will, however, satiate longtime fans. The power trio rages - complete with piercing guitar solos and double-bass drums - on the urgent and winning Brave New World, and is only slightly more mainstream on Walk a Crooked Mile, which boasts melodic choruses and backup vocals, and crunchy rhythms matched with Lemmy's trademark gruff, guttural talk-singing. Lemmy's no sex symbol, and it's disquieting to hear him sing somewhat romantic lyrics on Dr. Love and Mine All Mine.

The songs like No Remorse and Voices from the War seem more suited to the singer-bassist's brusque persona. In fact, Hammered's most definitive Motorhead-esque cut is probably the bloody Red Raw, which will give all but the most practiced headbangers whiplash.

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