Motrik - Moon: The Cosmic Electrics Of Motrik

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Motrik - Moon: The Cosmic Electrics Of Motrik
  • Red + Blue Colored Vinyl
  • Gatefold Sleeve
  • DL Card Included
  • 2x LP

RELEASE DATE: 10/8/2021

Portland-based krautrock band Møtrik formed in 2013, its four members united by a pledge to modernize their beloved genre. Sharing a passion for pioneers like Can, Kraftwerk, and Träd, Gräs och Stenar, the group has demonstrated its ability to deliver over a series of EPs and albums, most recently 2020’s acclaimed Artificial Head. As they continue to experiment by incorporating additional influences—ranging from funk and jazz to psych and prog—Møtrik’s third full-length, a double LP titled MØØN: The Cosmic Electrics of MØTRIK, is a further continuation in the story of an historic genre befitting of the album’s cosmic artwork.

Møtrik boldly takes full advantage of the space that four sides of vinyl allow on this latest offering. The middle of the album features two long suites that feel typical of the group’s dynamic live performances, which frequently feature fog cannons, lasers, and other prop homages to Kraftwerk and company. The 13-minute “Stabilize” emerges from a haze of synth pulses and guitar tones, settling into a steady NEU!-like chug that swells and recedes like an ecstatic wave. On “Space Elevator”, the motorik drive from which the band take their name evolves into an insinuating and sensual disco-like throb before the perfect proggy comedown in the final minute.

1.Silver Twin 
2. Particle Maze
3. Streamline
4. Space Elevator
5. Stabilize
6. Red Eye
7. Yellow Moon
8. Sonik Rug

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