My Morning Jacket - MMJ Live Vol. 3: Bonnaroo 2004 (Indie Exclusive, Thunderdome Edition, Cloudy & Clear LP Vinyl)

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My Morning Jacket - MMJ Live Vol. 3: Bonnaroo 2004

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Thunderdome Edition
  • 2x Cloudy & Clear LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition 

RELEASE DATE: 6/9/2023


My Morning Jacket, touring behind It Still Moves, took the stage at Bonnaroo on a scorching hot day in the summer of '04. Ominous dark clouds rolled in early in the performance. "I'll never forget it," reflected Jim James "We're playing & the sky just rips open & rain starts pouring down. People are losing their minds... Everybody is petrified that we're going to get electrocuted, but it was such a transcendent moment that we just didn't care." It would become one of the festivals most iconic sets.


1. Mahgeetah
2. One Big Holiday
3. Golden
4. It Beats For You
5. Lowdown
6. The Way That He Sings
7. O Is The One That Is Real
8. Dancefloors
9. Phone Went West
10. Cobra
11. At Dawn
12. Steam Engine

LABEL: Ato Records
UPC: 880882555313