Neal Francis - In Plain Sight (Indie Exclusive, Blue Vinyl)

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Neal Francis - In Plain Sight

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Electric Teal Vinyl

Neal Francis - "In Plain Sight" Neal Francis' sophomore album offers up a body of work both enchanting and painfully self-aware. Recorded entirely on tape and mixed by GRAMMY-winner Dave Fridmann (Spoon, Tame Impala,) the record spotlights his refined yet free-spirited piano playing, an instrument he took up at age 4. The songs came to life over the course of a tumultuous year spent living in a (possibly) haunted church in Chicago. The result: a portrait of profound upheaval and weary resilience. 

- Side 1 -
1 Alameda Apartments
2 Problems
3 Can't Stop the Rain
4 D'artagnan
5 Prometheus
- Side 2 -
1 Sentimental Garbage
2 Asleep
3 Bnylv
4 Say Your Prayers

LABEL: Ato Records
UPC: 880882461119

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