Nessa Barrett - Young Forever

Nessa Barrett - Young Forever

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Nessa Barrett - Young Forever

  • Pink Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 2/24/2023


Fueled by a haunting pop soundscape, Nessa Barrett's debut album Young Forever showcases dramatic vocals and emotional anthems. Never one to shy away from the tough issues, Nessa has only become more dedicated to using her platform as a source of healing. That's evident with every passing track, including "madhouse" and "die first" and it's something she's clearly intent on continuing to explore on Young Forever, as she continues to craft her lasting legacy.


1 tired of california
2 gaslight
3 talk to myself
4 fuckmarrykill
5 dear god
6 forgive the world
7 too hot to cry
8 madhouse
9 unnecessary violence
10 lovebomb
11 decay
12 die first
13 lucky star

LABEL: Warner Records
UPC: 093624870685