Nick Cave - Seven Psalms (10inch vinyl)

Nick Cave - Seven Psalms (10inch vinyl)

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Nick Cave - Seven Psalms 

  • 10 inch vinyl 


Seven Psalms is a new spoken word project by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. The release features spoken word pieces by Nick Cave, set to music in collaboration with Warren Ellis, plus one instrumental track that was recorded during the Carnage album sessions. The instrumental track makes up the entire B-side. The psalms were written in just one week, one each day, and are presented as one long meditation on topics such as hope, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A contemplative work about - and for - uncertain times. Seven Psalms will be available as a limited 10" vinyl edition in a beautiful dark petrol blue sleeve with grain embossed finish. Title and crucifix rendered in gold foil.


1 How Long Have I Waited?
2 Have Mercy on Me
3 I Have Trembled My Way Deep
4 I Have Wandered All My Unending Days
5 Splendour, Glorious Splendour
6 Such Things Should Never Happen
7 I Come Alone and to You
8 Psalm Instrumental