NOFX - Ribbed (Indie Exclusive, Red with Black Splatter Vinyl) [Explicit Content]

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NOFX - Ribbed [Explicit Content]

  • 30th Anniversary Reissue
  • Indie Store Exclusive
  • Red with Black Splatter Vinyl LP

NOFX hold an important place in the history of So Cal Punk, and their importance is undeniable. Any punk band today has to reckon at least a little bit with NOFX's massive influence and discography. Across their fourteen albums they've established a sound that blends hardcore, pop punk, ska, and whatever else

they feel like experimenting with into something that's cohesive and fun. Their musicianship is great and they're also not afraid to get a little strange. Ribbed is the album that really establishes the tropes that tend to bind every subsequent release: There's a lot of jokes about sex (maybe too many), and there's at least one ska song. Fat Mike has said that Ribbed is the record where they started to find their sound, and he's right. Ribbed is when NOFX starts to up their musicianship and 30 years down the line Ribbed still holds up. There are some great songs on it but it's still a record where the band is really finding their sound.

1 Green Corn
2 The Moron Brothers
3 Showerdays
4 Food, Sex, & Ewe
5 Just the Flu
6 El Lay
7 New Boobs
8 Cheese / Where's My Slice?
9 Together on the Sand
10 Nowhere
11 Brain Constipation
12 Gonoherpasyphlaids
13 I Don't Want You Around
14 The Malachi Crunch

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