NOFX - So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes (25th Anniversary LP)

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NOFX - So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
  • Vinyl LP 
  • 25th Anniversary Edition
  • "Neapolitan ice cream " Colored Vinyl
RELEASE DATE: 1/13/2023

25th Anniversary Edition pressed on 3 color stripe Neapolitan ice cream vinyl

This was recorded in SF With Ryan Greene at Motor Studios. A nice place to record a punk record. The title is not referring to Airwalk or Vans, it is from a Douglas Adams book called, "So Long and Thanks For All the Fish." We tend to get hit with a lot of shoes when we play so we thought it was a good title. It's not our last album. Nate from the Bosstones came by and played guitar on a couple songs. That was pretty cool. We kinda went for more of an old school sound on this record. More hardcore than the previous one. I like it. Favorite song-Desperation's Gone. Too bad about ska getting mainstream, I don't think I wanna play it anymore. -NOFX

1 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
2 Kids of the K-Hole
3 Murder the Government
4 Monosyllabic Girl
5 180 Degrees
6 All His Suits Are Torn
7 All Outta Angst
8 I'm Telling Tim
9 Champs Elys
10 Dad's Bad News
11 Kill Rock Stars
12 Eat the Meek
13 Desperation's Gone
14 Flossing a Dead Horse
15 Quart in Session
16 Falling in Love

LABEL: Epitaph
UPC: 045778651887