Olivia Jean - Raving Ghost (Indie Exclusive, Phantom Amethyst LP Vinyl)

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Olivia Jean - Raving Ghost

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Phantom Amethyst LP Vinyl
  • Limited Edition

RELEASE DATE: 5/5/2023 more will be available closer to release date!


The third full-length from Olivia Jean, Raving Ghost, is an album populated by mysterious characters in various states of danger: cursed lovers, doomed souls, women deliriously haunted by unseen forces. Over the course of its 12 spellbinding tracks, the Detroit-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist amplifies that drama with her wildly melodic take on garage-rock, handling each riff with the power and precision she’s previously shown as a member of the Black Belles (and as an in-demand session/touring musician who’s played with legends like Wanda Jackson). A stunning evolution of the retro-surf sound of her past solo work, Raving Ghost ultimately makes for the most magnificently heavy and mesmerizing output yet from an endlessly fascinating artist.


1. Raving Ghost
2. Too Late
3. Spider
4. Trouble
5. I Need You
6. Ditch
7. Fun
8. Fate
9. Orinoco Flow
10. Godmother
11. Don't Leave

LABEL: Third Man Vinyl LLC
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