Open Mike Eagle - Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes (Silver LP Vinyl) (10th Anniversary Edition)

  • $28.98

Open Mike Eagle - Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes
  • Silver LP Vinyl
  • 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Alternative Cover Art

RELEASE DATE: 6/2/2023

Reissue of the second album by highly acclaimed rapper Open Mike Eagle. In 2011 LA upstart rap label Hellfyre Club (Subsidiary of Alpha Pup) released Open Mike Eagle's "Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes". Widely considered an indie-rap watermark, the LA Times said of the album: "the Los Angeles-based Project Blowedian has carved out a singular niche. He's analytical, sardonic, political, and he manages not to take himself seriously despite taking everything seriously." From dark themes like morality and race relations, Mike managed to draw out some of his most imaginative and witty work. And with features like Rhymesayers Entertainment's P.O.S. and art rap godfather MC Paul Barman, it was the release that put Open Mike Eagle into the national rap conversation. Music from it has been featured on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, Gilles Peterson's BBC Radio show, and NPR's WITS show.

Limited edition 10th anniversary reissue on silver vinyl featuring 2 tracks never before on vinyl & alternate cover art!

1. The Processional (The Funeral March) (prod. E. Super)
2. Nightmares (prod. Willie Green)
3. No Body Nose (prod. Loden)
4. NH2 (Grins and Lies) (feat/prod. Alpha MC)
5. Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. (prod. E.Super)
6. Why Pianos Break (feat. P.O.S. prod. Taco Neck)
7. Rent Party Revolution (prod. E. Super)
8. Kings (feat. VerBS and Real8 prod. Awkward)
9. Exiled from the Getalong Gang (feat. MC Paul Barman prod. The Kone)
10. Right Next to You (for the neighbors) (prod. E. Super)
11. Dishes (prod. Dak)
12. Bright Green Light (prod. B-Bop)
13. Natural Causes Reprise (prod. OME)
14. Old Member Reclamation (prod. E.Super/prod. Egon Brainparts)

LABEL: Auto Reverse
UPC: 634457123854

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