Overkill - Scorched (Aztec Gold LP Vinyl)

Overkill - Scorched (Aztec Gold LP Vinyl)

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Overkill - Scorched

  • Aztec Gold 2LP Vinyl


LIGHT THE MATCH! Setting the scene ablaze, the rough and rowdy Overkill have reappeared to bludgeon your ears with their twentieth, that's right, twentieth studio album: SCORCHED. For over 3 and a half decades their bottom-line crazy method of thrash has produced some of the most signature moments in the world of metal. Now in the latter half of their career, all the experience is showing face with SCORCHED as it somehow rings more mature, refined, and embellished with hints of more than just thrash metal. 


1 Scorched
2 Goin' Home
3 The Surgeon
4 Twist of the Wick
5 Wicked Place
6 Won't Be Comin Back
7 Fever
8 Harder They Fall
9 Know Her Name
10 Bag O' Bones

LABEL: Nuclear Blast Americ
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