Phish - Fuego (Spontaneous Combustion Ed.) (Vinyl LP)

Phish - Fuego (Spontaneous Combustion Ed.) (Vinyl LP)

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Phish - Fuego
  • Orange Flame Colored Vinyl
  • "Spontaneous Combustion Edition"
RELEASE DATE: 7/21/2023

Phish - "Fuego" - 2023 pressing of "Fuego", the thirteenth studio album by Phish originally released in 2014. The "Spontaneous Combustion" edition comes pressed on Orange "Flame" colored vinyl

The album was recorded with legendary producer Bob Ezrin, as the band's 30th anniversary approached. The songs for Fuego took shape during a series of visits to Phish's longtime creative hub, The Barn, a rustic, reconstructed barn-turned-rehearsal/recording studio located outside Burlington, Vermont. There they explored dozens of ideas, which led to a notable shift in the band's songwriting approach. While Fuego includes tracks that individual members brought to the table in usual Phish fashion, the bulk of the material was written by all four, working together at The Barn.

- SIDE 1 -
1 Fuego
2 The Line
3 Devotion to a Dream
- SIDE 2 -
1 Halfway to the Moon
2 .Winterqueen
3 Sing Monica
4 555
- SIDE 3 -
1 Waiting All Night
2 Wombat
3 Wingsuit

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