Prince - The Truth (LP Vinyl)

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Prince - The Truth 
  • Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 06/09/2023

The Truth is widely regarded as one of Prince's most underappreciated hidden gems. The album was originally released as an accompaniment to the 1998 triple album Crystal Ball, which marked the first time that Prince released an album totally independently. The Truth was also the first Prince album to be labeled "acoustic," though it does contain electronic instruments and elements, and it gave listeners an unprecedented chance to hear his songwriting and voice in a stripped-down presentation. Available on black vinyl as a single LP.

- SIDE 1 -
1 The Truth
2 Don't Play Me
3 Circle of Armour
4 3rd Eye
5 Dionne
6 Man in a Uniform
- SIDE 2 -
1 Animal Kingdom
2 The Other Side of the Pillow
3 Fascination
4 One of Your Tears
5 Comeback
6 Welcome 2 the Dawn (Acoustic Version)

LABEL: Sony Legacy
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