Ratt - Now Playing (LP Vinyl)

Ratt - Now Playing (LP Vinyl)

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Ratt - Now Playing
  • Vinyl LP
RELEASE DATE: 8/25/2023

Ten Ratt Classics on Vinyl LP!
Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series!

The songs of Ratt are like a rollercoaster - three-minute thrill rides with loud, twisty guitars, hands in the air, and lots of screaming. The L.A.-based glam rockers' first indie release in 1983 sparked a major-label deal, then mid-decade dominance - and decadence. It's all captured here in ten original recordings that'll keep you going "round and round" and coming "back for more."

1 Round and Round
2 Wanted Man
3 Lack of Communication
4 Back for More
5 Lay It Down
6 You're in Love
7 Slip of the Lip
8 Way Cool JR
9 I Want a Woman
10 Givin' Yourself Away

LABEL: Atlantic
UPC: 603497831227