Richie Hell - Gumbo Limbo Remixes (RSD 2022)

Richie Hell - Gumbo Limbo Remixes (RSD 2022)

  • $21.98

Richie Hell - Gumbo Limbo Remixes (RSD 2022) 

  • Record Store Day 2022
  • LP
  • Quantity: 500


Dogfish Head's Official 2022 RSD Release! From Buenos Aires to Miami and beyond, RICHIE HELL is at the edge of electrified world music that flows from the dancefloor to the listening den. If the original Gumbo Limbo Experiment invited fans on a cross-continent trip through psychedelic rhythms, this remix album is the late night come down session. Featuring reworks from Ursula 1000, Lonely C (Soul Clap), Each Other (Justin Strauss & Max Pask), Balam, and more, side A is a sunshine disco fantasy while side B is a headier, more lysergic experience. Artwork by Francisca Oyhanarte. Limited edition of 500 on Bubblegum Pink Vinyl.


1. Amazonia ft Los Mirlos (Ursula 1000 remix)
2. Revelations ft Martes (Will Buck remix)
3. Scatter (Ella Romand remix)
4. Going Nomad ft Martes (Lonely C remix)
5. Rewind Your Soul (Tushen Raï & Cornelius Doctor remix)
6. Amazonia ft Los Mirlos (Balam remix)
7. Navidark (Coffintexts remix)
8. From The Earth ft Black Bobby (Each Other remix)

Label: Sweat Records

UPC: 655469250215