Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick (Purple Vinyl)

Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick (Purple Vinyl)

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Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick 

  • Purple Vinyl LP
  • Limited Edition


The gleefully raucous 1991 self-titled debut from this Miami band covered all the alternative and heavy metal bases, and while it didn't score a commercial home run, it was still a prodigious clout (kick?) courtesy of guitarist/songwriter Jason Bieler! In between classic metal tunes like "Coming Home" and "Ugly," Saigon Kick offers everything from grunge-y punk ("What Do You Do," "Acid Rain") to power ballads ("Love of God") to even a couple of quite funny pop songs (the neurotic "My Life" and the homo-erotic "Down by the Ocean"). Since it arrived in the early-'90s "dead zone" for vinyl, Saigon Kick originally came out on LP only in Europe, and original copies go for a pretty penny, er, euro...our release comes in a deep purple vinyl pressing limited to just 2000 copies! Includes lyric sheet/inner sleeve.


1 New World
2 What You Say
3 What Do You Do
4 Suzy
5 Colors
6 Coming Home
7 Love of God
8 Down by the Ocean
9 Acid Rain
10 My Life
11 Month of Sundays
12 Ugly
13 Come Take Me Now
14 I.C.U.

LABEL: Real Gone Music
UPC: 848064014171