Slayyyter - STARF***ER (Transparent Mauve LP Vinyl) UPC: 829299254914

Slayyyter - STARF***ER (Transparent Mauve LP Vinyl)

  • $27.98

Slayyyter - STARF***ER

  • Transparent Mauve LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 9/22/2023


Slayyyter's second studio album, STARF***ER, sees her delving deeper into her pop stardom with an extravagant Los Angeles starlet persona. The 12-track album is centered around themes of fame, sex, femme fatales and celebrity obsession in Hollywood. Equally as vicious as it is vulnerable, the electrifying production of the concept album is set to elevate her status as a rising pop trailblazer. Transparent Mauve LP.

- Disc 1 -
1 I Love Hollywood!
2 Miss Belladonna
3 Dramatic
4 My Body
5 Memories of You
6 Rhinestone Heart
- Disc 2 -
1 Erotic Electronic
2 Purrr
3 Plastic
4 Girl Like Me
5 Tear Me Open
6 Out of Time

LABEL: Fader Label
UPC: 829299254914

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