Sparks - Sparks (RSD 2023, Red LP Vinyl)

Sparks - Sparks (RSD 2023, Red LP Vinyl)

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Sparks - Sparks

  • Record Store Day 2023 Release
  • Red Vinyl LP
  • Quantity: 1500

RELEASE DATE: 04/22/2023


Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sparks with their 1972 debut album, now pressed on super-limited red vinyl and presented in a first-time-ever gatefold cover, featuring song lyrics and brand new commentary notes from famed producer Todd Rundgren.

Initially signed to Bearsville Records as Halfnelson, they changed the name of the band and their first LP to Sparks, and it was a smart move as they've been a viable recording and touring entity now for over five decades. Sparks have been in a major rediscovery and revival mode for the past couple of years and record buyers are paying attention to their earlier works. 2022 was a major concert year for brothers Russell and Ron Mael, as they embarked here in the U.S.A. and overseas, playing to packed houses all over. Friday Music is very pleased to be the home to this modern alternative rock classic.

1-Wonder Girl
2-Fa La Fa Lee
4-High C
5-Fletcher Honorama
6-Simple Ballet

2-Biology 2
3-Saccharin And The War
4-Big Bands
5-(No More) Mr. Nice Guys

LABEL: Friday Music
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