SQÜRL - Silver Haze (Silver LP Vinyl) UPC: 843563158456

SQÜRL - Silver Haze (Silver LP Vinyl)

  • $22.98

SQÜRL - Silver Haze

  • Silver LP Vinyl

RELEASE DATE: 5/5/2023


This full length is a dazzling poetic journey of spoken words, dynamic instrumentals, drone riffs and distorted effects. It features Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anika and Marc Ribot on some of the tracks. This is their first studio album not associated to a film or character tribute.

1 Berlin '87
2 The End of the World
3 Garden of Glass Flowers
4 She Don't Wanna Talk About It
5 Il Deserto Rosso
6 John Ashbery Takes a Walk
7 Queen Elizabeth
8 Silver Haze

LABEL: Sacred Bones
UPC: 843563158456