Stealing Sheep & the Radiophonic Workshop - La Planète Sauvage (White & Pink Vinyl)

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Stealing Sheep & the Radiophonic Workshop - La Planète Sauvage

  • 2x White & Pink Vinyl LP

RELEASE DATE: 10/7/2022 postponed to 11/11/2022


René Laloux’s celebrated 1973 sci-fi animation ‘La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)’, is overhauled with a re-imagined soundtrack by electronic modernists Stealing Sheep and legendary sound innovators The Radiophonic Workshop. This exclusive release is part of Fire Records’ re-imagined score series. “No institution has had a greater impact on the development of electronic music than the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.” The Vinyl Factory. It’s a real pre-Avatar conundrum that Stealing Sheep, with the help of Bob Earland, Dick Mills and Roger Limb from the Radiophonic Workshop, unravel. Creating an ethereal excursion that’s narrated by Roger Limb; like a futuristic Martin Denny, or Dr Who gone ambient techno, with a hint of Forbidden Planet 50 years on. It’s an analogue swirl set in an off-world paradise; a field recording from the future. This is a creative, generation-spanning, union brought together to score this unique cult film. A must for fans of psyche electronica and Stealing Sheep’s formidable ‘Big Wows’ album. “Stealing Sheep devour a broad range of styles, incorporating everything from the dark dance-pop of Grace Jones to the experimentations of Radiophonic Workshop pioneer Delia Derbyshire and John Carpenter soundtracks.” The Guardian // ‘La Planète Sauvage’ is a thing of ambient beauty punctuated with electronic earworms that switches from intensely ominous to otherworldly dream like moments


Disc 1
1 Opening Credits
2 The Chase
3 Saved/Captured
4 The Bracelet
5 Council of Draags pt. I
6 Terr & Tiwa
7 The Knowledge pt. I
8 The Fight
9 The Knowledge pt. II
10 The Initiation
11 Escape
12 The Big Tree
13 The Ritual
14 The Duel

Disc 2
1 Theft/Zarek
2 The Bird
3 The Free Oms
4 The Purge
5 The Journey to Ygam
6 Council of Draags pt. II
7 The City of Free Oms
8 Robot Attack
9 The Fantastic Planet
10 The Final Battle
11 Terr
12 End Credits

LABEL: Fire Records
UPC: 809236165381