Steel Prophet - Book Of The Dead (Indie Exclusive, Red and Orange Splatter Vinyl)

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Steel Prophet - Book Of The Dead-20 Years 

  • Indie Exclusive
  • Red Orange Splatter Vinyl
  • 20 year anniversary edition

Ltd. Red/Orange Splatter Vinyl. Different Artwork. First time on vinyl. Celebrating 20 years since it's original release, "Book of the Dead" by Power Metal legend Steel Prophet is finally available on limited Red/Orange Splatter Vinyl! This time, the label and band decided to do justice to the originally planned artwork cover, and feature it on this vinyl anniversary edition. The band's lead guitarist, Steve Kachinsky comments on that: "After 20 years the layout for the "Book of the Dead" album cover has finally been corrected! When it was first released, the final edit wasn't made because of the deadline at the printer's shop, and so it was released with the wrong graphic on the cover. It's great to finally see it the way it was meant to be so long ago!" Definitely a Collectors Item.

1 When Six Was Nine
2 Tragic Flaws
3 Escaped
4 Soleares
5 Church of Mind
6 Burning Into Blackness
7 The Chamber
8 Locked Out
9 Ruby Dreams (Faith and Hope)
10 Phobia
11 Anger Seet

LABEL: Roar! Rock of Angels
UPC: 5200123663129