Sudan Archives - Natural Brown Prom Queen (Indie Exclusive, Orange Dream Vinyl)

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Sudan Archives - Natural Brown Prom Queen 

  • 2x Orange Dream Vinyl LP
  • Indie Retail Exclusive

RELEASE DATE: 9/9/2022


Natural Brown Prom Queen is Sudan Archives’ second album following her widely celebrated 2019 debut Athena.

Over its 18 epic and ambitious tracks, Natural Brown Prom Queen shows a new side to Sudan Archives: Brittney Parks or Britt, the girl-next-door. •

On this album, Sudan explores themes of race, womanhood and family. Natural Brown Prom Queen features the singles “Home Maker” and “Selfish Soul”, released in Spring 2022 to great acclaim


1 Home Maker
2 NBPQ (Topless)
3 Is This Real? (Can You Hear Yourself?)
4 Ciara
5 Selfish Soul
6 Loyal (EDD)
8 ChevyS10
9 Copycat (Broken Notions)
10 It’s Already Done
12 TDLY (Homegrown Land)
13 Do Your Thing (Refreshing Springs)
14 Freakalizer
15 Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant)
16 Milk Me
17 Yellow Brick Road
18 #513

LABEL: Stones Throw

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