Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition)

Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition)

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Suicide Silence - The Cleansing

  • Ultimate Edition
  • 2x Transparent Irange Black Marbled Vinyl LP
  • Poster
  • Gatefold Sleeve
  • Includes rare & unreleased versions and tracks


Suicide Silence and Century Media Records are making their landmark debut album, "The Cleansing," available as a double album including rare and previously unreleased versions and tracks.


A1 Revelations (Intro)
A2 Unanswered
A3 Hands of a Killer
A4 The Price of Beauty
A5 The Fallen
A6 No Pity for a Coward
A7 The Disease
A8 Bludgeoned to Death
B1 Girl of Glass
B2 In a Photograph
B3 Eyes sewn shut
B4 Green Monster
B5 Destruction of a Statue
B6 A dead Current
C1 Swarm
C2 Engine No. 9 (Deftones Cover)
C3 Unanswered (Live in Paris)
C4 Bludgeoned to Death (Live in Paris)
C5 The Price of Beauty (Live in Paris)
C6 Swarm (Live in Paris)
C7 No Pity for a Coward (Live in Paris)
D1 Green Monster (Live in Paris)
D2 The Fallen (Live in Paris)
D3 Destruction of a Statue (Live in Paris)
D4 Hands of a Killer (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D5 In a Photograph (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D6 The Fallen (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
D7 Untited (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)

LABEL: Century Media
UPC: 196587062118